Research & Communication Internship at Stichting Nidos
Stichting Nidos
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April 30, 2017

The Nidos Foundation is a guardianship institute for unaccompanied minor asylum seekers. Dutch law stipulates that an adult must be assigned to each minor to represent his or her interests. This adult is the minor’s parent or, in the absence of a parent, a guardian. Unaccompanied minor asylum seekers do not have a parent in the Netherlands. The Nidos Foundation makes arrangements for their guardians. Unaccompanied minor asylum seekers live at a reception location, in a small-scale housing unit or when they are younger than fifteen, are placed with a foster family.


Project Veerkracht is carried out by Nidos in partnership with Arq Psychotrauma Expert Groep/ Stichting Centrum ’45. The project runs until 2018 and is funded by the EU (AMIF). Project Veerkracht focuses on:

-          research on Eritrean minor refugees and on trust (in cooperation with the University of Leiden and University of Tilburg)

-          research on resilience of unaccompanied minor refugees from Eritrea and based on the findings, development of tools to improve guardianship

-          research and development of trauma treatment

-          a Knowledge Centre ‘Minor Refugees from Eritrea’. The overall objective of the knowledge centre is to collect and disseminate information with respect to minor refugees from Eritrea. Relevant information about Eritrean refugees will be disseminated among Nidos staff and external partners such as COA, Vluchtelingwerk and local municipalities. Relevant information for the minor refugees will be disseminated among refugees.


Nidos’ head office is located in Utrecht, and its regional offices are located across the country. The internship placement is at the head office.

Project Veerkracht is looking for several enthusiastic interns to support the Knowledge Centre with research, communications, media and sensitization.  As an intern your responsibilities will lie in one or more of the following tasks:


-          Translating data or any documents from English to Dutch or vice-versa.

-          Proofreading and editing articles

-          Summarizing research and news articles, writing articles

-          Keeping track of relevant developments with respect to the Eritrean refugee community in the Netherlands and at European level

-          Networking with refugee organisations in the Netherlands and at European level

-          Setting up and updating the internal website (posting articles); possibly assisting in setting up an external website

-          Developing a communication strategy and plan for the project(components), as well as for refugee minors 

-          Introducing and organizing communication in other ways than through writing: video messages, facebook, etc

-          Organizing workshops and meetings

-          Assist in administration sections of the project as requested


For applications and questions please contact:

Winta Ghebreab

Projectleider Veerkracht





We are looking for enthusiastic students:

-          In the fields of communications & information (an interest in communications for behavioral change) with or without a BSc degree.

-          with experience in qualitative research (for example conducting interviews)

-          with good social and organizational skills

-          with excellent knowledge of and writing skills in Dutch and English 

-          with interest in the refugee crises  

-          who are available within a short period of time


The position is for a period of 6 months with possibility of an extension.

The project does not offer internship stipends.

Starting as soon as possible.



Contact Person
Winta Ghebreab
Stichting Nidos