Make Your Own Internship!
Startup Village
Start Date
Feb. 1, 2017
End Date
May 31, 2017

Startup Village is a new community in Science Park where the most innovative and high-tech science-based startups will be hosted. We have just opened our doors and tenants are beginning to move in! Our mission has two parts: creating a place for business to flourish, and a place where all different parts of Science Park, and Amsterdam, can mix.


To this end we are building a co-working space, events space, and numerous other unique features that will set Startup Village apart from the other workspaces in Science Park: we are open, flexible, and excited about new ideas!


As an intern your goals will be broad but the breadth of these goals will require that you are creative within the context you’re given. You’ll work closely with a small team to develop the Startup Village, and will be able to take pride in your work and its real results!




Do you see a role that hasn’t been filled or needs attention in our community? We’re searching for people with an entrepreneurial spirit that feel that there’s a role in our community we’ve overlooked, and are excited to hear your ideas about what we might be able to improve with your help!

Deadline: 20 November (Spring)


Please feel free to contact regarding this position specifically.



Contact Person
Josh van der Kroft
Startup Village