Intern for a Legal Department
Start Date
Feb. 1, 2017
End Date

OFoundation recently launched a new Start Up, the ‘Oview App’. This internship proposal is mainly meant for this project. Oview is a mobile application, which is meant to internationally engage smartphone users. The main two ways are facilitation of the possibility for people to develop their own opinion, and giving them the opportunity to make that opinion count and heard. Oview has the two most important elements in it to make your voice valuable. Freedom to form Your Own Opinion and Freedom of speech. Our show of hands will help society hear the voice of people across the world. And by making the results easy to understand, everyone will be able to participate in a global emancipation of democracy. In short, we want to make your voice relevant again. With Oview, it just takes one swipe to be an opinion maker.


The opportunity:

Oview is a Startup company so there are many things that need to be done to be able to launch the project. Anyone who would like to have a more in-depth understanding of the startup world and participate in a dynamic, proactive and young environment is welcome to apply for this internship. Since our project is still under development, there are already many exciting daily tasks and more get added often, we are open for suggestions for new directions we could take. That’s why we are offering the opportunity as a legal assistant for our company. The legal assistant will be an important part of our company since he/she will be there to make sure everything runs smoothly, legally and prevent any future risks.

There are many subjects to cover in the case of dealing with big data, and the sensitivity of the subject, together with privacy issues, makes this part of Oview into a very challenging one.


Key Responsibilities:

Legal risk:

○ Review and provide legal advice on tender documents.

○ Review ongoing cases and advice management accordingly.

○ Liaise with relevant departments to ensure that where legal risks have

been identified, appropriate courses of action have been taken.

○ Provide legal protection and risk management advice to management

especially on contract management.

○ Provide and interpret legal information, conduct training and

disseminate appropriate legal requirements to staff.

● Policy development:

○ Review and advise management on legal implications of internal policies

and procedures. Review and draft contracts, agreements and internal

policies and ensure that they are in compliance with all statutory or legal


Litigation management:

○ Review progress of outstanding litigation and liaise with and manage

external lawyers.

Regulatory compliance:

○ Formulate compliance check-lists to be used for the purpose of ensuring

that all information required is provided accordingly.

○ Continuously monitor compliance with statutory obligations and advise

management accordingly.

○ Prepare monthly and quarterly reports for the department for executive

management meetings.

Contract negotiation:

○ Review all contracts or any other documentation where the Company

has committed itself and assess legal implications that need to be

brought to the executive management’s attention.

○ Prepare, review and modify contractual instruments to assist and

support various business activities.

○ Negotiate, review and draft documentation for business transactions

and prepare and advise on the necessary checklist to be adopted to

ensure information is submitted on time.

Administrative duties:

○ Provide continuous leadership, supervision, training and development of

department staff ensuring an effective and motivated team.

○ Liaise with the HR department in conducting performance appraisals and

ensure competency and training gaps are addressed.


You can also improve some other qualities:

Self-Confidence: We encourage to be responsible of your tasks, and at the end of most days we stand in a circle and announce all the great work we have in front of the team, that will help you build your personality and be a stronger individual.

Results driven: Because we start the week with deciding together about the weekly goals, because of the circle at the end of the day, and some other elements in our company culture, you will learn and practice a result driven environment.

Dealing with complex challenges: We are still in the beginning of our journey, therefore there are many new issues and ideas arising constantly. Dealing with them requires an analytical mind and use of the right tools. We have the latter, and will help you develop your analytical mind further.

Teamwork: We all work as a team, and you’ll learn to become a better team member even if you aren’t one yet. If you are, you’ll enjoy our spirits and the collaboration at the office.


Internship duration and working hours:

You can choose the duration that fit you best and your working hours as part-time or full-time as long as you strictly follow the program you set for yourself. Our recommendations are:

  • Full-time: 8hrs/day - 5 days/week
  • Part-time: 5hrs/day - 5 days/week

We can always negotiate to decide how long should the internship be and how many hours per day are suitable for you. You can also work less days a week, which leaves you time to work as well on other projects or ideas you might have for your future, or have an income earning job on the side. Most of team members work from 09:45 to 17:30, 5 days a week.

Please Note: This internship platform requires us to put a specific amount of months for the internship but other duration options are also possible. Students can start internship untill February  (so earlier start is also possible).



We work from De Verrekiker which is located on the Vrij Universiteit campus, in the middle of the main campus square. This location is unique for many reasons, we’ll give you a guided tour on your first day. Every day we start by cleaning the entire place as a group workout, to wake up and get the blood flowing.


Contact information: Please send your CV, motivation letter, and social media links to:


Do you / are you . . . . ?

Believe in a better world, Environmentally safe and friendly, social, passionate about social business, positive impact oriented, sharing economy promoter, believer in a fair society, rational, logical, good hearted, make sense, fight food waste, believe in a better democracy, know that every individual can create positive impact?

Yes to all ???


You are more than welcome to join us :-)





The internship will involve English writing, reading and conversation skills. You need to have a sufficient level to be able to contribute to the work. English is the most important requirement at the moment. All communication in the office is done in English as well, and time is of the essence. So we need people with exceptional English skills to cope with the fast and demanding schedule of the company. Our offices are in Amsterdam, therefore knowledge of the Dutch language is an advantage, and will also help you with your social life in Amsterdam ;-)



A degree in law is essential for us. We need someone with deep knowledge of European & international law since we are planning to spread worldwide and we need someone with knowledge to assist us. Nonetheless, since we operate in the Netherlands, a person with knowledge of the Dutch Law would be valuable for us as well.

Previous work experience and business knowledge are essential. More specifically, we would prefer work experience in a technology driven company, especially if dealing with big data, complicated security and privacy issues.


Who do we like to work with:

The Oview team comprises of people who are punctual, team oriented, goal driven, proactive, and highly motivated. We require the same from all our team members, so they can fit in this environment we created. Arriving on time is always very important. Especially because we have a team activity every

morning, if you are late, you leave more work for the others. We work together in the same space, eat together, and try to create a strong team feeling, you will be required to fit into that. Though you might find yourself working individually on your tasks, the rest are always around you, and we are all very nice to each other, you need to be nice as well ;-)

We set weekly goals on Monday morning and therefore very goal oriented. We follow the progress during the week and make sure everyone are focused to achieve our mutual goals as a company, and change the world to a better place through the Oview app.


Contact Person
Massy Wahab