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The network Footsteps Africa has internships on offer in Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and the Netherlands. Footsteps Africa is an initiative for the promotion, development and maintenance of historical trails that guide tourists along routes and places of cultural-historical significance, monuments and memorials in Africa.The initiative consists of a network of academics, members of governmental administrative organisations and NGO's, entrepreneurs in tourism and other related fields, writers and explorers from Africa and the rest of the world.


The aim is to trace and support historical routes that link heritage sites with infrastructure, organisation, available stories and digital information. This project activity seeks to enhance the cultural tourists’ knowledge and appreciation of Africa heritage sites through augmented reality, location-based smartphone technology, and research-based representations of tangible and intangible history in African countries.


Attractive heritage trails, interesting stories and sites, as well as interaction with the local populations along the routes, offer an exciting new segment in tourism. The creation of heritage trails also stimulates further academic research into the past and is related to wider cultural and social environments even cross borders. It fuels academic and public education, and helps to strengthen historical awareness. The underpinning of historical awareness revitalizes the link of new generations to their collective past. Last but not least, the initiative intends to involve local communities actively in storytelling, providing hospitality, accommodations and selling local products.



The assignment of internships is to help reconstructing the historical trails and sites. The work, based on 40 hours per week and a minimum of 200 hours in total, entails among others: 

  • literature research,
  • interviews with stakeholders of local communities, heritage experts about desirable content for the application and carrying capacity
  • inventory of heritage and economic policies
  • explore geographical circumstances and historical traces
  • digital work package of historical and geographical information
  • test and evaluate the application. 

The student is supposed to take care of travel and daily expenses. Footsteps Africa will help arrange room and board.



  • North Uganda: parts of the Samuel Baker trail (Grassrootz Uganda,; Makerere university, Kampala)
  • Malawi: the Livingstone trail; (
  • Tanzania: Usambara former kingdom and German explorers;
  • Netherlands: SPINLAB (Spatial Information Laboratory



Contact Prof. Dr. Jaap Lengkeek, or visit:




Desired qualifications depending on separate parts of the projects


Specific interests: History, communication and digital information, geography, anthropology


Language: English


Skills: Interviewing, text analysis, GIS and programming (see Spinlab)



Contact Person
Prf. Dr. Jaap Lengkeek
Footsteps Africa