Compendium for Coast and Sea at the Flanders Marine Insititutse
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Aug. 31, 2017

In the marine and maritime field, there is a growing demand for scientifically sound and up-to-date information in response to societal issues and problems. These questions often arise from the increasing need for an integrated approach which does not only take into account the results of physical, chemical, biological, ecological and geological research into the marine system, but also socio-cultural, economic and institutional aspects. Although such information is partially available, it is generally highly fragmented, sector-specific or poorly accessible.


The ‘Compendium for Coast and Sea’ aims at aggregating the disperse information and data from Flemish and Belgian marine and maritime research. The Compendium discusses the thematic research conducted in marine and coastal ecosystems and estuaries, including policy-supporting research and research focusing on applications or sectors, covering a broad range of scientific disciplines.


The integrated and multidisciplinary character of the Compendium aims to increase the communication within the broad network of marine scientists and experts who are professionally involved with the coast and the sea. Furthermore, it increases the visibility and accessibility of marine research. In this regard, the Compendium fits in with the European aspirations for a sustainable and Integrated Maritime Policy and Integrated Coastal Zone Management. Within the context of the Compendium for Coast and Sea, a diversity of activities are developed from data and information collection and management, data and information analysis, writing and communication, to outreach activities and networking, This involves both field work and desktop study activities.


Topics can range from e.g. invasive alien species in the marine environment to the transition towards low-impact fisheries. Common topic throughout the activities of the team is that end-products focus on marine-policy and decision-makers. Science-Policy interface is central in our work.


Students can apply for internship throughout the whole academic year.. Contact us to obtain more details.




Analytical skills - Practical organisation - Good scientific reading and writing skills – team player – eager to learn and share.


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Ann-Katrien Lescrauwaet