Become a buddy to Victims of Humantrafficking (The 2 for Trust Project)
Regenbooggroep (“Rainbow group”)
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De Regenboog Groep (The Rainbow Group) is an organization that stimulates the development of people of Amsterdam that live in (social) poverty. The Rainbow Group has eight shelters where the homeless are welcome to change clothes, shower, get in contact with a social worker and get a warm meal. Apart from care for the homeless, The Rainbow Group provides buddies for people who are deling social poverty in some way. Think of ex-homeless people, (ex) drug addicts, people with severe debts or people suffering from a psychiatric background.


They are in need of someone who helps them to make the next step in life. The care for the homeless and the Informal Care- projects is the core business of The Rainbow Group but it's surely not all they do.


Do check the website for more info. The work of The Rainbow Group is impossible without the support of more than 1000 trained volunteers. Join them if you want to fight for their cause in the city of Amsterdam.



Buddies for victims of human trafficking

The number of reported victims of human trafficking has increased over the years. In the 2 for Trust project a volunteer and a client meet up once a week during one year, with the aim of expanding the social network of the client and putting an end to his or her social isolation.


Most victims are all by themselves in the Netherlands; they do not have any family here and often end up in complicated situations. Building up relationships, for instance with peers, often proves to be rather difficult for this group. Our volunteers can help to restore trust in other people, and familiarizing the client with Dutch society.


Questions? Contact The Rainbow Group: 020-5317600




First of all; the minimal age to volunteer at The Rainbow Group is twenty-one. Logically, a volunteer has to be motivated and you need to have some spare time. Good social skills are also necessary. Students who sign up, have to participate in a short training to practice basic skills and knowledge required to work with the chosen target group. The time investment asked is approximately 4 hours every two weeks.



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Stichting de regenboog
Regenbooggroep (“Rainbow group”)