Sharood International App/Community Development
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Sharood is an app to eat together. Share meals, say you’re hungry and connect with your community.

Our goal is to make eating together, everyday a normal thing.

We know that if we eat together, all areas of a person’s well-being improve, from health to social activity. Sharood is a tool to make that possible.

The projects depend on the background of the intern. Our goal with interns is that after your studies you have learnt so much, that you can work full time with our awesome international team. We encourage interns to develop project in their country of origin as that helps us expand Sharood from the bottom up.

For Computer Science students: Can be whatever the interest of the student is Machine Learning, Data Science, Full-stack. Ideas: Develop a push notification recommendation service that can predict which users are more willing to respond to it. OR: improve the person’s network on the app with a varieties of hacking techniques.

Social Science/Humanities: Whatever you think we need. Here are some ideas: Improve Sharood’s concept (internal consulting) or Introduce Sharood to communities that you think would benefit from eating together. Possible opportunities: Huruma Village (Slum in Kenya), Refugee integration (Amsterdam/ or wherever the student wants), elderly people wanting to stay social, people (like your parents, whose children have left the house and need to rebuild a social network in their area). Develop and execute together with the leadership team a multimedia, channel-specific (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, content/social media strategy.


Extremely self-motivated and autonomous, ambitious for her/his career at Sharood, wanting to learn, willing to fail, flexible. Programming, Photoshop/InDesign, Video-editing, available to travel are highly desired.


Language: English / Others depending on the country

No. of hours per week: 8

Contact Person
Axel Meta