Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter
Regenbooggroep (“Rainbow group”)
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The Regenbooggroep (''The Rainbow group'') is an organization that supports the weaker members of society. They care for people with social and/or psychological problems, (former) drug addicts, victims of human trafficking and the homeless. The Rainbow Group has shelters and special places where people from the target group can work but also find help and support. In this way, the group prevents social isolation and encourages an active role in society for its clients. 



Homeless shelter 

Like any large city, Amsterdam has a significant amount of homeless people living in its streets. The Rainbow Group operates in several homeless shelters and walk-in houses in Amsterdam. These drop-in centers provide a healthy meal, a shower and clean clothes, while the shelters provide cover in winter. As a volunteer, you can contribute to the drop-in centers and homeless shelters by cooking in their kitchens and by helping in their organization. 





The Rainbow Group organizes several projects, for which the requirements are all the same. Most importantly, the volunteer must be motivated to help out, since this is the only way one can work together with vulnerable clients. Good social skills are also necessary. Students who sign up for a project will first have to participate in a short training that gives the basic skills and knowledge required to work with the target group. 

There are no special requirements for this project apart from a strong motivation to help out. 


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Stichting de Regenboog
Regenbooggroep (“Rainbow group”)