Right2Education: Teaching Dutch or English to refugee students. Optional (applies to English): Designing of language course
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Right2Education is an organisation providing language classes at the Amsterdam University College (AUC) for refugees in and around Amsterdam, called guest-students in our program. R2E strives for equal educational chances for everyone, as well as the integration of students from disadvantaged backgrounds into the AUC student body. Therefore, the Right2Education program encompasses both Dutch and English language courses as well as a 'buddy system' and social events.

The Right2Education Dutch language courses are taught on levels A1 and  A2 in a team of three AUC students, while the English language courses are taught on levels A1/A2 (combined) and B1/B2 (combined) in a team of two students. As part of the teacher team, you will be responsible for the classes. This means you need to prepare, lead, and assist in every class. Moreover, the R2E board expects you to evaluate how the course is going, to communicate this to the students, other teachers, and the board. The Dutch courses are already fully designed, whereas part of being an English teacher will include designing the classes. The structure of the Dutch language courses is also different from the English courses. Hence, teaching Dutch requires a different preparation than teaching English; however, ultimately the time investment will be approximately the same for both English and Dutch teachers

As a teacher in the R2E program, students will gain knowledge that goes beyond mere teaching skills, as the position will enable contact with other cultures and perspectives. This offers students the opportunity to enrich their horizon, while at the same time sharing valuable knowledge of the Dutch/English language


Requirements:  Good social and communication skills, preferably some teaching/tutoring experience (although not required), thorough understanding of the language, motivated and energetic, structured/ organized and reliable

Language: Dutch / English, depending on what language students are teaching. Main communication language is English. 

Number of hours per week: 10-11 hours


        4 hours teaching

        4 hours designing and preparing the course

        1-2 hour(s) meeting(s)

        1-2 hour(s) events.


        6 hours teaching

        2 hours preparation

        1-2 hour(s) meeting(s)

              1-2 hour(s) events.

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