Zeeburgia AUC School Coaches
FC Zeeburgia
Start Date
Feb. 1, 2017
End Date
May 31, 2017

‘For many decades already, talented young football players have entered the gates of the football academy Zeeburgia with the ambition to become a professional football player, and surprisingly many players have walked out with the opportunity to prove themselves at a professional football club. (…) FC Zeeburgia is only waiting till AUC students become aware of the oldest academy at Science Park.’ (AUC Student: https://tiesgijzel.wordpress.com/)



AUC and FC Zeeburgia share the same ambitions for their student respectively football community: excellence and diversity. In various national rankings FC Zeeburgia is the 4th best amateur football academy in the Netherlands. Through the Zeeburgia AUC School Coaches Community Project we aim to connect the communities of the AUC and FC Zeeburgia.


The challenge for Zeeburgia Football Players is to combine top sport with a study career. And….  ‘not to get involved with bad friends and the street life’.



The goals of the Zeeburgia AUC School Coaches Community Project are:

1. Enhancing the social capital of Zeeburgia Football Players:

  • Developing social competences
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Fostering societal orientation and participation
  • Broadening their world view


2. Increasing the study skills and educational opportunities of Zeeburgia Football Players: The central premise of social capital is that social networks have value. Social capital refers to the collective value of all "social networks" [who people know] and the inclinations that arise from these networks to do things for each other ["norms of reciprocity"]

De Zeeburgia AUC School Coaches help Zeeburgia Football Players (between the ages of 11-18 years) with homework and school problems and support them in making choices in their school career. The Football Players of FC Zeeburgia come in contact with AUC students and learn to make use of their knowledge, skills and social networks. The Zeeburgia AUC School Coaches serve as role models. They offer examples of how to structure one’s life in different ways.




Affinity with football; interested in developing social and civic awareness; interested in education and working with children (between the ages of 11 and 18)

Language: Dutch

Hours: Approximately 10 hours (4 days a week)


Contact Person
Rally Rijkschroeff
FC Zeeburgia