Let's keep Amsterdam Clean!
Academie van de Stad
Start Date
Feb. 1, 2017
End Date
Aug. 31, 2017

The Department of Public Space of the City of Amsterdam is concerned with accessibility, safety and quality of the public space of Amsterdam. One of its challenges is the involvement of residents, visitors and businesses to reduce waste on the street.


Amsterdam has about 25 million visitors annually. This is beneficial for the city and gives the city both culturally and economically a boost. But it also creates some challenges. More and more people are living outside, picking up food 'to go' and sitting on a bench or in the park to eat. This results in a lot of waste in the busy touristic areas and that waste does not always ends up at the right places. This leads to degradation of public space.


Therefore, the city of Amsterdam would like students to design and test creative and innovative solutions to bring the 'clean' theme to the attention of visitors to Amsterdam.

Important questions within this project, are:

How can the issue of 'clean' be brought to the attention of tourists in Amsterdam? How can they be moved to throw their rubbish into the trash cans? Which forms of communication and / or interventions can be used for this purpose?


A lot of research and many experiments have been done on this subject around the world. Think about:

- Footsteps to bins;
- Use of light in combination with bins, especially in the evenings;
- Use of a fragrance in combination with waste bins;
- The shape of a waste bin and / or use of icons;
- Colour, pictograms and text used by, or on bins.

The students are first asked to do a research on this subject. Then the students will set up a number of experiments and tests. What works and what does not? Eventually, the students present their findings supported with creative and innovative ideas to the city of Amsterdam and Academie van de Stad.



Language: Dutch or English

Contact Person
Dora Fabriek
Academie van de Stad