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Students4You is an independent foundation, run by AUC (Amsterdam University College) students, that arranges high-quality private tutoring from AUC students for high school students. These high school students can be prospective AUC students who are looking for (academic) contact with a current AUC student, or those who require tuition to meet Mathematics or English prerequisites.



As the educational backgrounds at AUC are very diverse and international, Students4You also offers tuition to International Baccalaureate students in English or, when desired, in a students’ native language. Student4You also offers tuition to Dutch students, especially in preparation for their havo or vwo exams.



AUC students can assume various positions within the Students4You board (from Recruitment and PR to Finances and External relations). Students will be able to engage with schools and communities in Amsterdam, promoting the organisation.


Location: Amsterdam

Availability: 1 year (4 hours a week, depending on role and demand)



Students require motivation, commitment and self-discipline to take initiative, work independently and make decisions which will benefit the organization. Please contact us for more information.


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