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Jeugdlab is an outdoor playground for children next to the Flevopark. It aims to give children the opportunity to experience the outdoors and learn in a playful way.


This community project will provide fun and educational activities at Jeugdlab, with the idea in mind that especially children from impoverished backgrounds could have a lot to gain from it. In cooperation with Jeugdland and NGO Its Academy, students will be organizing activities that lay within their own area of expertise, often related to science, for children aged 8-14. They will combine activities hosted by AUCSA committees, the USC and their own creative ideas to form a demanding curriculum for local children.


Main tasks will include preparing the materials for activities, guiding children’s activities, and supervising at Jeugdland.  Furthermore, there is room for students to design their own activities. 

Additional information can be found on our website:



There are no special requirements for this project apart from a strong interest in increasing children’s enthusiasm for science.


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Leon Lan