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St Laurence’s Children’s Haven Roodepoort is an approved Non-Profit Organization in terms of Section 18A of the South African Income Tax Act. St Laurence’s Children’s Haven was founded in January 2002 under the umbrella of the Roodepoort Child and Family Welfare Society. The Haven houses children in need on a permanent basis, but will also assist the Roodepoort Child and Family Welfare Society in emergency cases. Its objective is to ensure that the children receive love and care (as phrased by one of the founders, central is ‘a feeling of belonging’), as well as a meaningful education.



The Haven’s administration and fundraising is operating on a completely voluntary basis. The Roodepoort, Gauteng based Children’s Haven currently houses 22 children. The children under 7 years old attend local pre-schools, while the older children attend local schools. In the Haven the children receive supervising on their homework to ensure a good learning experience. The student will be working at the Children’s haven for one month. Depending on the occupation of the Haven, accommodation is available for the student. Part of the student’s daily tasks will consist of assistance with homework, as well as helping with after school therapy, and general care tasks. However, like the centre itself the tasks may vary with what is necessary. The people with whom the student will work together at St Laurence live on the property as well, and have several years of experience. They know the children well. 


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