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Many people in Amsterdam-Oost with an immigrant background want to learn to speak better Dutch. With this project, you help them attain this goal by talking to them for one and a half hour per week. No language classes, but simply talking to them about daily issues like the weather, family, common interests or cultural habits. 


The contact person at SamenSpraak will look for a non-native speaker that matches you. They take interests, commonalities between the two of you and your interest for certain countries or cultures into account. The person you will be teamed up with is motivated to improve his/her Dutch and to practice speaking. 


The volunteer can always contact the employees at the SamenSpraak office for help and tips. Additionally, the student can participate in trainings on intercultural communication, language acquisition, etcetera. 



 Must be able to speak Dutch & must be available for a few hours per week, for at least a year.


Contact Person
Wijkopbouworgaan Oost