Social Entrepreneurship by Students
Enactus UvA
Start Date
Feb. 1, 2017
End Date
Aug. 31, 2017

Enactus is an organization for social entrepreneurship. In cooperation with the UvA, social organizations and several companies, students from Enactus set up several sustainable projects whose goal is to help a specific vulnerable group get back into society. By being part of this, you will not only contribute to a more social and sustainable society, but you'll also develop your entrepreneurial skills! At the moment Enactus has six projects: 


1. Coffee career offers young disabled people the possibility to get acquainted with working in the restaurant business in a safe environment. The project intends to show that these people have a lot of potential and great capabilities if given a little help and trust. The project is a learning/working project as a stepping stone to a real job. 


2. College Green Courts (CGC) aims to make the youth concious of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Twenty-three percent of the youth in Amsterdam is either overweight or obese. This is much higher than the national average of fifteen percent. The problem appears to be more frequent with children whose parents have a low educational level (Amsterdamse Aanpak Gezond Gewicht: Beleids- en uitvoeringsprogramma, 2013). College Green Courts is ready to tackle this issue.


3. Homies is a housing service that matches socially engaged students with senior homeowners. This project first aims to provide senior citizens in need of a helping hand and a bit of company with just that. They've just made their first match and are in the process of setting up a marketing campaign to attract more senior candidates, so they could use some extra help. Preferably someone with creative ideas and a great ambition for Homies future.


4. Mevrouw Cous is a cateringservice that was started employing non-Western women who have not yet mastered the Dutch language and have trouble integrating into Dutch society. Companies are often hesitant to hire them, and that why Mevrouw Cous provides these women with an internship in an environment that introduces them to the Dutch language and Culture, and gives them an opportunity to share their cultural background aswell.


5. Onder de pannen! gives children an opportunity to learn more about health nutrition under supervision of studentcooks. The goal of the project is to develop their cookings skills and help them acquire knowledge.


6. Ouwe Taart provides senior citizens with a passion for baking with a platform through which they can share their passion with younger generations that share the same passion for authentic and honest products. They do this through their website and will be doing this through an App as well.

Enactus Amsterdam is run entirely by students, all on a voluntary basis. Therefore they ask a small contribution from the participants. They are always looking for new members! You can apply through the website.


No specific requirements.  


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